Photo: Gallery Alvaro Alcázar

We recommend visiting the following exhibitions in the Salamanca district:

Con Cabeza”. Alvaro Alcázar Gallery. From 9/14/17 to 10/20/17.

Artists: M.P. Herrero, Eduardo Arroyo, Simon Edmondson, Rafael Canogar, David Nash, Kepa Garraza, Cristina Lama and Matías Sánchez Martín.

In this collective, eight artists coincide in the representation of heads either to show characters of fiction, real or simply by the mere form of this element so essential to the individual identity of each person.

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Luís Coquenão. Paisajes de tinta”. Fernández-Braso Gallery. From 09/14/17 to 10/28/17.

Artist: Luís Coquenão

Fluid landscapes, delicate colors, textures and subtle effects of the brush that immerse us in the mysteries of nature. Influenced by Chinese philosophy and painting, Luís Conquenão creates his works in the certainty that nature exists both outside and inside the observer. This exhibition is the continuity of a work started some ten years ago, in which gestural improvisation reconfigures the place of chance and implicit meaning.

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Azul Rasante”. Fernando Pradilla Gallery. From 09/14/17 to 10/29/17.

Artist: Rodríguez Silva

Rodríguez Silva, identified with the movements of monochromatic painting and minimalism, presents in this exhibition his latest series on laminated aluminum, conceived under strict reductionist criteria, where the form of the support, pictorial matter and also chance are the main elements of his job.

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Maruja Mallo. Orden y Creación. Óleos, dibujos, bocetos y su archivo.” Gallery Guillermo de Osma. From 14/09/17 to 10/11/17.

Artist: Maruja Mallo

The exhibition, curated by Guillermo de Osma and Juan Pérez de Ayala, wants to present to the public in Madrid the very personal plastic world of Maruja Mallo. Between oil paintings, drawings, photographs, posters, notes, sketches and other graphic documentation, the visitor can go into these fascinating pictorial-mood states that range from the observation of the Popular through a new perspective to the enigmatic final world of its inhabitants. of the Void

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Oriol Vilanova. 42 días.” Gallery  Parra&Romero. From 13/09/17 to 04/11/17.

Artist: Oriol Vilanova

42 days is an exhibition that, unlike the usual system to which we are accustomed, unfolds in time instead of in space. During the 42 days that the exhibition lasts, the exposed piece is exchanged daily for another, each one being placed in a different place in the gallery. There are not two days when the exhibition is the same.

This component of randomness, variability and uncertainty turns 42 days into an experiment that inverts the exhibition format -one of the axes of Oriol Vilanova’s work-: in order to see the entire exhibition, it would not be necessary to cover it entirely in its spatial scope but throughout of all its temporal extension, which is practically impossible.

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